NGO Grant

The aim of this grant is to help promote the value that a professional photographer can bring to an NGO's brand, marketing and image library. In addition it helps the photographer increase his client base and portfolio as well as being paid for his work

The application is made jointly with the NGO. It is the photographer who makes the actual application online, but this application must be endorsed by the NGO. This is achieved by uploading a letter (on the NGO's letter head and signed by a Director/Officer of the NGO) supporting the application and giving a brief outline of the assignment they will be asking of the photographer.

Together with an advisor from Focus For Humanity, we help the photographer and the NGO plan how to make the most of the grant. This might be to cover your travel and substance costs or subsidise a particular shoot's cost. You bill the NGO for your time (up to the value of the grant) and we settle the bill for the NGO

Any working photographer of any nationality or sex between 18-65 years of age. This grant is only open to working photographers - i.e. those that make their full time living from photography. In addition the NGO must be a registered charity, with proper governance and an established reputation. Focus For Humanity reserves the right not to award the NGO grant if they are unsatisfied with the corporate governance or mission of any NGO included in the application.

US$ 5000

The foundation pays the receiving NGO directly.Paid on completion of the assignment against an invoice presented to The Foundation by the NGO.

1 x per year - December. The application process opens 1 October. Applications will close 1 December. THe grant will be announced in early January

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Please ensure you have read all the terms and conditions and then check you have the following documents and images ready to upload:

1. An 800 character summary of your proposal/application - this is the "Why you" bit

2. A document that provides more detail about you, your application or your goals. This is optional but advised. It could be your CV or just additional info but should not contain images. It must be in either .pdf, .doc or .docx format.

3. Mini Portfolio - A min of 3 and a max of 5 images. These must be in .jpg format (NOT .jpeg, .dng, .png or another format) at 72 dpi and with the longest edge at 800px.

For the NGO Grant, you also need a supporting letter from a director of the NGO.

We've made the process really as it is all done online through a detailed but simple multi-page form that you'll whizz through.

Each grant requires you to fill out some additional profile information (that we will save to shorten your next application) that we promise to keep confidential and only visible and changeable by you.

Sadly any other form of application (snail mail, fax or email) will render the application invalid. This is because by running it all online we keep our admin costs to a minimum, allowing us to ensure that all the money gets passed on to you as grants.

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