Mentoring Grant

Twice a year we award a grant for two photographers to be mentored by either one of the world's leading travel or humanitarian Photographers or by a Photography Business & Marketing Manager. The Mentors are drawn from our Advisory Board and compromise some of the leading Humanitarian, Cultural and Travel photographers in the world, as well as a couple of business and marketing experts who are also accomplished (though not full-time) photographers.

Mentoring is the ability to ask for and receive objective advice about your photographic goals, aspirations or business. We want you to use the time to really help you achieve some of your goals. Perhaps this is 2 portfolio reviews - one at the beginning of the year and one at the end where you can discuss and show the progress you have made - or maybe it is a series of 1 hour conversations about how to price your work, promote yourself and run the business side of things

The grant buys up to 8 hours with your mentor. How you use that time is up to you and your mentor to decide!

Any amateur photographer of any nationality or sex between 18-65 years of age. By amateur we mean people that are not making a full time living from photography. You might be earning some income even have some clients but photography does not yet pay the bills and so you are still earning income elsewhere. This grant is ideal for you - it is designed to help you make the transition to full time "professional" photographer

US$ 1000

The foundation pays the chosen Mentor directly.

2 x 2 per year : We award in March and August. Applications will open on the site for 60 days prior to that.

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Registration is immediate, although we'll also send you a confirmatory email reminding you of your username and your password.

Once you've registered, then you need to Login as the application form is only visible to people that have registered.

AT this stage, you'll also have the option of making a donation. This has no bearing or impact on your chances to win the grant that you are applying for. Honestly!

We hope you don't mind, but we just like to provide as many chances as possible for you to help to make a difference, whether that is $5 or $500!

Please ensure you have read all the terms and conditions and then check you have the following documents and images ready to upload:

1. An 800 character summary of your proposal/application - this is the "Why you" bit

2. A document that provides more detail about you, your application or your goals. This is optional but advised. It could be your CV or just additional info but should not contain images. It must be in either .pdf, .doc or .docx format.

3. Mini Portfolio - A min of 3 and a max of 5 images. These must be in .jpg format (NOT .jpeg, .dng, .png or another format) at 72 dpi and with the longest edge at 800px.

For the NGO Grant, you also need a supporting letter from a director of the NGO.

We've made the process really as it is all done online through a detailed but simple multi-page form that you'll whizz through.

Each grant requires you to fill out some additional profile information (that we will save to shorten your next application) that we promise to keep confidential and only visible and changeable by you.

Sadly any other form of application (snail mail, fax or email) will render the application invalid. This is because by running it all online we keep our admin costs to a minimum, allowing us to ensure that all the money gets passed on to you as grants.

NB. The application form for each grant will not be available outside of the application windows or if you are not logged in.

We encourage all our members to make a small donation to offset the running costs of the Foundation and to support the grants

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All judging is recorded and undertaken by 3rd parties who won't even know if you've been generous or not ... Or you could buy the Photography Workshop Handbook - 100% of the sale comes to us as a donation.