Named donation

This is for those of you that wish to make a sizeable one-off donation and want a direct say in how it is used.

The Named Donation is for gifts of $2500 or above.

Most of our grants are structured in $2500 units, so donations of this size can be directly attrbuted to you and you can say where you want it used- e.g. a particular NGO, a particular cause or perhaps in a particular country.

Making a significant donation is, we understand, a serious matter. In return we will give you assurances that the money will be used responsibly and we will call and discuss your gift with you personally to understand how, when and where you would like it to be used.

Simply enter your chosen amount in the "Custom Auount" box on the form, select the type as either one-off or annually and we'll take care of the rest.


Subscription Donation

The subscription based donation does pretty much what it says on the tin.

It allows you to choose both the amount and the frequency of that donation on a recurring basis. You can choose from weekly, monthly or annually

Perhaps just $10 a month - less than the cost of a short taxi ride! Whilst it might not make a big dent in your finances, it makes a HUGE impact on ours.

The subscription is often the easiest way to give because you make a couple of clicks and then the rest happens automatically without you having to remember.On the donation form choose form one of the pre-determined amounts, and then further down the form select the frequency of the subscription.

You can of course cancel your recurring gift at any time - although we hope that you will be one of our supporters for a long time


One-time Donation

The one-time Donation is our most popular method and if for those of you that have been inspired and want to make a one-off donation.

On the Donation Form you can select from pre-dtermined amounts starting at $10 or enter your own amount in the box provided.

Whatever amount you choose will make a huge difference to us. Even $10 - about the price of a couple of those large insipid Lattes that we all seem addicted to, your gift really will does count.

To make you feel even more good about what you are about to do we've even given you a couple of hints as to what you are kindly foregoing so that you can donate.

  • $10- 2 over-priced Lattes
  • $25 - A night for two at the cinema
  • $100 - Dinner for Two
  • $500 - Coach Flight